Eighth Anniversary: Jest a Dragon

November 10th, 2013 — 12:30am

Eight whole years! Just the beginning of infinity! :)

Our photo shoot for this year captures all the essential elements of marriage: humor, creativity, kisses, marshmallows, and dragon-taming! Keep your eyes peeled for a s’more and strings of pearls (in honor of Brenda and Keith’s wedding)!

Seth and Kristina Anniversary Photo

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Lake Michigan Bicycle Expedition: Mileage Stats

July 31st, 2013 — 3:14pm

May 31: Day 1 of Riding
Miles Rode: 80
Destination: Beach Campground, Holland State Park, Holland, MI

June 1: Day 2 of Riding
Miles rode: 50
Destination: Fisherman’s Landing Campground, Muskegon, MI

June 2: Day 3 of Riding
Miles rode: 52
Destination: Kibby Creek Campground, Ludington, MI

June 3: Day 4 of Riding
Miles rode: 120
Destination: Honcho Rest Campground, Elk Rapids, MI

June 4: Day 5 of Riding
Miles rode: 53
Destination: Magnus Park, Petoskey, MI

June 5: Day 6 of Riding
Miles rode: 50
Destination: Straits State Park, St. Ignace, MI

June 6: Day 7 of Riding
Miles rode: 138
Destination: Gladstone Bay Campground, Gladstone, MI

June 7: Day 8 of Riding
Miles rode: 63
Destination: River Park Campground, Menominee, WI

June 8: Day 9 of Riding
Miles rode: 83
Destination: Keith and Carissa’s house, Appleton, WI

June 9
Spent the day with Keith and Carissa, Appleton, WI

June 10: Day 10 of Riding
Miles rode: 81
Destination: Camp Wakonda, Westfield, WI

June 11-June 19
Campmeeting, Westfield, WI

June 20
Drove with Staci and the kiddos to Clear Lake, WI

June 21-June 26
Spent time with family in Clear Lake, WI

June 27: Day 11 of Riding
Miles rode: 60
Destination: Stealth camped in a bean field, Eau Galle, WI

June 28: Day 12 of Riding
Miles rode: 91
Destination: Pettibone Resort Campground, LaCross, WI

June 29: Day 13 of Riding
Miles rode: 64
Destination: The carnival, Elroy, WI

June 30: Day 14 of Riding
Miles rode: 87
Destination: Matthew and Lydia’s house, Fitchburg, WI

July 1
Spent the day with Matthew and Lydia, Fitchburg, WI

July 2: Day 15 of Riding
Miles rode: 81
Destination: Will Oaks Campground, Woodstock, IL

July 3: Day 16 of Riding
Miles rode: 174
Destination: Home, Berrien Springs, MI

Average Daily Miles: 83

Total Mileage: 1,327

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My night as a Carny

July 2nd, 2013 — 11:06am

Enough good times last night to spark a pickup in my bike tour ramblings for a spell. Met a couple on Elroy Sparta trail advising to avoid Elroy as they were having their annual days of filthy and freaky free-loving night life. Despite the warning, I arrived a day earlier than I though I might at such mileage given the current time of day and so rode smack dab into the thick of this thing with a growling in my stomach provoked by 70 miles of hard-pack, barefoot on clipless, in bipolar climate, having only filled my gullet with the worlds finest fireside frappuccino and a partial bag of baby carrots gone geriatric. Walking my bicycle in I quickly learned that the unique individuals who in yesteryear had made up the adventuresome, fear and awe invoking, yet deeply lovable quirky heart of soul of this particular variety of the worlds most exotic stash of secret spices had not been lost, but is perhaps in a sort of hibernation in hopes of the spring during which they will emerge and fatten to their former glory. On this particular night they had disguised themselves as foodies. No one seemed to notice them as they fried all manner of hallucinogenic and psychotropic tomfoolery into our 1/4 weeks paycheck worth of nibblies; but tonight they saw me.

Not a local. An orphan perhaps. A runaway. Vergin flesh temping the canny eye of these otherworldly talent scouts. Only a few short moments had passed before I was being drawn in. Free food for the starving orphan warmed my tummy as I was plucked from the crowd and into their kitchens by taller than life tales from a world running parallel and carefully invisible to our own. For their safety and for my own I send salutations of friendship here and now refereeing to them only as Lady of the Kettle or the Little Man and his Gun; Onion Boy and his shifty twinkle and The Captain with his Lovely First Mate. Bussled into their camp I was made to blend in for the night and escape the chubby security guard after me for having no shoes and walking my vehicle in past the lot; the foreign lad with ne’er a beer in his hand but a bun on his head; the man with no friends, but holding his phone to the sky in hopes of sharing this tale with his wife at home in Michigan; how he had stepped unsuspecting through a wormhole of some kind into this land of wonder. Having eluded these lawmen by the cloaking power of the warm pumping blood at the heart and very soul of the carnival I was loaned a phone to communicate home that I was in fact being cared for.

I expect and mostly fear that upon my waking on Sunday at dawn I will find my tiny golden home alone in some vast wild field which remains untouched by anything or anyone in perhaps all the expanses of time until that moment when I find myself there. Sent back. Rejected? Perhaps not. Perhaps infected of sorts and put away to grow for some ripening and future harvest. I do now have an uncanny urge to ride my bicycle on to Alaska and live a romantic and lonely life as a nomadic sailer. Would the captain be pleased? Will we meet again there? Will this text be here in the morning for me to share to other adventurers? Will I only have a new lilt within my decision making paradigm which leads me on my new course; my kismet as a carny?

The birds are making their first song now. Do I dare fall prey to my weariness for a few short hours? Should I not find small sticks for my lids and to will these new freinds not vanish? Not to leave this boy alone in this tangled wilderness of greed and bipartisan mutilation of the unique and free?

It’s 4:20am and I will not be abandoned. At least not knowingly. I will leave them before they do me. I need more carny’s. Madison, here I come. Just not before filling all my water bottles in case it’s there. In my home lab I will synthasyze a batch of my very own.


This post is most certainly truthful in my recollection of it, but much more importantly this idiosyncratic pull to the carnival also serves as explanation to why I could not sleep Saturday night, but laid awake, mind reeling with the carnival life. This post is in dedication to the performers in this fantastic world of dramatic entertainment; in memory of Sarah Guillot-Guyard.


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What is wrong with me!

June 7th, 2013 — 10:49pm

I think I’m having a mental breakdown. I can’t stand these people. Only thing that got me through today was seeing these girls on this side car bicycle :-)


That’s not entirely true. The lake was also very inviting. I stopped at several little parks along the way.


But I’m happy to be done with mi for a while and this is the bridge to wi and I’ll be on it tomorrow morning :-)



Oh Deer! (In more ways than one ;-)

June 7th, 2013 — 1:14pm

No matter how hard I tried I could not stop riding! Something burning high on the back of my heel now :( my muscles are getting ahead of what’s holding them all together I guess. ;-)

Today’s ride was a wake up call. A reminder of all the animals that will mess up your drive. In case messing up their living doesn’t register with us. A nudge to slow down. I nearly ran over one tiny, surprised black bear and rode within 40 or so feet of at least 30 deer within my short (by auto standards) night ride.

Just as a side note I don’t recommend a night ride on a “remote” stretch of UP highway during the final moments of a waning crescent while finishing up nearly anything by Chuck P and moving directly into descriptions of the personal character of Ender’s older brother, Peter. Never having taken personal defense training I’m fearful the creatures lurking after me on this excursion won’t hesitate as I’m hoping when I toss the DSM at them while pedaling away like a little (insert your favorite description of my not being equal to my beard nor my XY chromo).

In my scramble to pass blame for my predicament of overall spinelessness on anything but myself I stumble upon a true cause; an answer to the “why” of the “Seth” condition. Stuck does not begin to describe this.


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Day six day of play! :-)

June 6th, 2013 — 8:47pm

Woke up to rain so I had breakfast at the Grain Train. Still raining so I decided the day was mine :-) Treated my self to a deep tissue massage at Vogue Salon and Spa! My world slowed by three of four notches :-) I wandered around town looking for lunch lunch. Still raining and sufficiently fed I decided to head back to the salon and have them play lumberjacks on my beard. Just as it’s fortunate for you that I’m not going to send you pictures of what Allison massaged ;-) I’m also not going to send you pictures of how Rachel sculpted my beard :-)

With such a great beginning to my day the middle of my day in contrast seemed horrible. Slow speeds and wet and cold and…

I wanted to take the road along the lake but decided to be like that straight up to missing off. Reaching the campsite on the other side of the bridge my nights quickly around. That is a beautiful campsite with excellent water pressure :-) Best of all while I was hijacking cell phone charge from across the road from my campsite I was invited over to a neighboring campsite for corn chowder. I haven’t had in a long time but if it’s the last corn chowder I ever have I’ll pass from this earth having checked amazing corn chowder off my list :-) It could easily be the good company of the Rideour family that made it taste so good as well. Hard to say ;-)




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Day five on my way north

June 5th, 2013 — 1:01am

Wow, places to see and people to meet! Definitely the part of the trip when I wish there were a group of us friends in an RV spending some time together. :-) For some reason today was the first with really beautiful views of the lake. The bike trail from Charlevoix to Petoskey actually runs along the lake! Definitely two towns I will be coming back to Touristerize. ;-)

A feast out by the marina with food from such a fantastic natural food store is just my style :-) Kimchi with no MSG is harder to find than you might think without making it at home ;-) I would have provided a photo of my feast but my camera died :-( Yet another reason why my next trip will include either a dynamo hub or a solar charger. Learn as you go I guess.

Unless one of the three people reading this blog has a better recommendation I’m going to hit up the natural food store again for breakfast and see if they have any off the beaten path recommendations for a chiropractor. I know, I know I’m a pansy.






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Campin’ With the Docs

June 4th, 2013 — 10:49pm

So tonight when I opened up Google Latitude to see how far Seth got on his bike trip, it looked like he was at a hospital! Serious yikes moment. But he’s fine! His campground just happens to be next to a hospital. That’s some strange city planning if you ask me, but maybe some people find their vacations more relaxing when masses of physicians are hanging out next door. Whatever floats yer rubber duck!


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Day 4 felt so much better ;-)

June 3rd, 2013 — 10:45pm

Couldn’t sleep last night very well so I got an early start today. It showed in my mileage :-) Took a better chunk out than yesterday anyway.

Today felt so much better I actually had good energy when I set up camp this evening. Took a walk by the lake and what great weather :-)

Then again, thinking back over today, how could a guy not be having a great day when he gets to pedal an 85lb bicycle down a hill, that’s on a bridge, that’s under construction, in the oncoming/wrong lane, with a semi barreling down from behind hitting his air brakes? I don’t think I’ve ever pedaled so fast in my life! But to my credit the speed limit said 35 and I hit 47. I hardly think it’s my fault that he had to slow down. ;-) Felt like the narrowest one lane bridge I’ve ever been on!








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Finders fee involved!

June 2nd, 2013 — 4:01pm

Depending on how broke I am at the end of this trip :-) the finders fee may just be me not collapsing with exhaustion on your home sofa for a week :-) that being said I would love for someone to find me the world’s most amazing chiropractor who does not need to take x-rays before adjusting me. This chiropractor would have to be somewhere directly along Lake Michigan perhaps just south of Mackinac, And yet obviously north of where I am now, which is Whitehall Michigan. ;-)

This may sound like a serious post considering the buzz in my neck and the numbing in my fingers :-) but really this post is just to see if IFTTT is posting my WordPress blog to Facebook :-) let me know.



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